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Whatever Hippie Bitch

Whatever Hippie Bitch jest 5 osobowym zespołem pochodzącym z Francji, Bethune, Nord-Pas-de-Calais. Grają muzykę psychodeliczną wymieszaną z przyjemnymi dla ucha shoegazowymi brzmieniami.
Po przesłuchaniu kilku utworów na myspace zauroczyłem się ich muzyką. Zespół gra niesamowicie klimatycznie. Wokalista śpiewa w j. francuskim co moim zdaniem idealnie pasuje do ich muzyki.
Delikatne psycho brzmienia z nutką tajemniczości, które wprowadzają w przyjemny transowy stan. Gitary grają potężnie i jednoczesnie leniwe. Moim zdaniem psychodeliczny rock w swietnym wydaniu!! O tym zespole wkrótce będzie głośno, ponieważ juz nagrali materiał na LP który czeka tylko na zmiksowanie i wydanie. Dodatkowo załączam wywiad z Nicolä Fjzïmniäksonem (perkusistą WHB), któremu dziękuję za poświęcony czas!



Whatever Hippie Bitch is a five-member band coming from France, Bethune, Nord-Pas-de-Calais. They create a psychedelic music mixed with pleasant to the ear shoegazy sounds. After listening to some of their pieces on myspace I fell in love with their music. The band’s sound has an amazing vibe. The vocalist sings in their mother language, and in my opinion it fits the music perfectly. The delicate psycho sounds with a bit of mystery, which put you in a blissful trance state. The guitars play in a powerful and lazy way at the same time. In my opinion it’s a great piece of psychedelic rock!! We’ll hear about this group, I’m sure, since they’ve already recorded songs for the new LP, which only needs to be mixed and it’s ready to be released. Additionally I’m posting an interview with Nicolä Fjzïmniäkson(The drummer of WHB), whom I thank for his time.


Text: Mort
Translation: Jelizarose

What is your musical background and how did you guys get together to form Whatever Hippie Bitch ? And what style of music are you striving to create?

I don't want to stereotype our music, but I believe it is more a melding of different styles. Definitely French shoegaze or neo-psychedelia. it is constantly changing, depending on the mood, the inspiration of each, the state of our minds ... but if I have to catalog it, i will say it's all about open-mindedness.
we began music at the same time several years ago, and have always been on the same wavelength. we had the same influences, the same desire to share something different. 2 years ago, we decided to create an unpretentious band. seeing other bands, we said " why not us? ".

Maybe it’s a common question but why did you name the band “Whatever Hippie Bitch”?.I presume that The Brian Jonestown Massacre song inspired you? If yes….was it more like “Hey fucking cool name for a band” or “ Hey I like this song maybe we should name our band like this?” ? . I see that many psychedelic bands have names of TBJM songs.

you're right for the two reasons... at the beginning, it was because of we love that song, and then later, when we met some English bands and American bands, and said that's a pretty cool name, we realized that's fuckin' evil band name. BJM and Anton are our first influence, and it's a kind of respect for him, not copy-paste... We don't want to play his music, but ours. it's just a wink to his work...

I’ve seen on your myspace that you’re recording a new album. When are you planning to release it and why In Norway ?

Yes, we will travel to Norway, more exactly to MOLDE, during July... Don't know exactly when it will be available, maybe during autumn. It's the most important project for us. I think this could be the beginning of something. Why Norway? It's because this is a place of our label "trout as lubrications records". And that's where the best European band " RANCHO RELAXO " is living. It's important for us to create and share something with guys like them. They are a big influence for us, and to work with them is an opportunity that cannot be refused. It's an analog studio, lost in the woods, behind mountains and fjords.... what's better for mind inspiration?

How is the scene in France ? I am not too familiar with it, so maybe you can tell me a bit about what it's like being serious musicians there?

The French scene is always in a kind of evolution... there are a lot of quality bands here, like BlAAK HEAT SHUJAA, or COTTON CLUB. BUT, it's very closed, you know. That's why we sing in French, maybe... it's weird for french to singing french. for us it's normal, but not for everyone... what's cool here, is our kind of music is more and more respected everyday. And I think french bands can be more important (popular?) than they are now.

Have you always been involved in music? What are your inspirations?

Our inspiration is everything that keeps music evil! I find this expression very interesting because it summarizes a perpetual quest for creativity. Personally, the Iclandic scene and American scene are my biggest influences, like THE DEAD SKELETONS, BJM, ... this is not really everything that influences, but it's the biggest influnces. After those main influences, you have bands who we are playing with... Very very cool bands.

What kind of guitars/amps/other instruments do you guys use?

We don't have a lot of quality equipements, but we use hagstrom and washburn guitars, with marshall and orange amps. For the drumkit, a tama superstar with paiste cymbals.

Which cities or countries would you like to play in?

We want to travel europe man... maybe after the recording of our album. We played in France, England,.... but we want to go further and discover the world.

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